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What would it mean to you to heal your inner child? What would it mean to you to defy all odds and create blessings out of the pain you thought you could never rid yourself of?

2 years ago in January 2019,

I finally took myself out of victim mode and gave myself the biggest Yes that changed my life.

You see, when you’re used to hearing No, nothing really shakes you anymore so starting @themixedgirlmeetup Mixed Girl Meetup was an absolute Catch 22 for me.

I felt tired of leaving parts of me out just to be accepted, and feeling like a complete outsider in BOTH of my communities.

Me forcefully trying to fit into places that simply weren’t for me, turned me into a people pleaser with no boundaries and confused if my true self would ever be accepted.

I truly believe we can flip the script at any time so I created my own community exclusively for women of mixed heritage.

At first it was just an attempt to find some women who were like me (I thought maybe 1 or 2 people to turn up lol).

Not in a million years would I have ever expected @themixedgirlmeetup to grow into a worldwide community of almost 6,000 loyal women from all 5 continents in the world who ALL share similar experiences to me and wanting to heal and connect with each other at our events each month.

Running Mixed Girl Meetup has taught me that being in the right community, sharing experiences, being yourself with no if’s and but’s, and having a similar upbringing/daily life experiences can be incredibly healing.

Finding my tribe is my missing piece to the puzzle and whilst healing my inner child to depths I never thought possible is also healing thousands and thousands of women all across the world.

My wish for this and the next generation is to no longer carry unhealed trauma around as if it was something normal. Every person in this world to live a life full of love, authenticity, Joy & acceptance.

I’ll continue to do my best to make this wish come true.

Thank you to all of you bonus sisters for simply being you.

My inner child is forever grateful.



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